Hey y’all. I am here at Walgreens behind me to tell you about the great service that I had on my awesome prescription. As a parent of young people, little ones, you’re constantly at the pediatrician, right? And right now it’s winter; and so of course you’re probably there more than you would like to be. The beauty of working with Walgreens like behind me is that my pediatrician is able to send their subscription instantly and all I have to do is just drive through, which is what I did this morning, pick it up and go on my day. I don’t have to get out of the car, I don’t have to unbuckle little people, I don’t have to do any of that mess, it’s already taken care off. Easy peasy.

Why we have used Walgreens for so many years since we’ve had kids? We actually switched because a, we feel like their staff knows more; b, they’re super awesome and extremely friendly and 3, we’ve never had any issues. So, as a busy parent and you’re driving constantly, you live out of your car, you don’t have time for mistakes and Walgreens provides such a wonderful service. We’re just really lucky to have so many of them; and that’s the other thing, its convenience. They’ve done a great job making sure that is not too much of a drive. And then time; there are going to be nights where little ones get sick and it’s late, late, late, past normal time, right? For anybody to be up, and you can easily jet into a Walgreens and get your prescription or get the things that you need.

So, all and all, it’s a great place to go to, it’s a great place to get your prescription; I highly suggest it as a new parent. This is the place to go as well as talking to your pediatrician to send all your prescriptions here. So, as an actual parent who uses it, I’m a big fan. So thanks Walgreens for providing a great service for my family, and thanks for listening. Have a great day.


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