Hi everyone, my name is Deanna, and today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about what I put in my diaper bag for just regular jogs around town. Let’s start with my bag itself, I love this one, it’s by Skiphop. It’s the form of tote, it’s super roomy, it holds a lot of stuff and it has lots of different compartments. It also comes with lots of different pouches like this one, I already have food in this one. It’s just super convenient because you have lots of different places to put your stuff which means easy access for you. Bonus, a really nice changing pad. You do not know when your child is going to need a diaper change and you might just need to put them down on the ground and you do not want them on a dirty messy ground.

This will keep your little ones safe from nasty germs and it’s a little cushion too. Comfy. So, we like to use the Pampers Swaddlers, these are my go-to. Next we have one of my favorites, Pampers Sensitive Travel Wipes. The reason why I like these so much is because they have this nifty little door here, which you’ll see so easy to open and close. It gives you easy access with one hand, pull them out, close it back up and it will keep your wipes from drying out which is very important. You’re always going to need a lot of wipes, so pack some of these. Next is my secret weapon against the dreaded diaper blowout. This is just a disposable underpad and it seems like such a small thing but when your baby has a diaper blowout there’s going to be a huge mess. You’ve got poop up the back side, after you’ve changed your baby, do you really want another mess to clean up? No, no, no. So, get yourself one of these, you just wrap it all up, put it on a ball, pop it into a Wash. It. Later.

You’re obviously going to want to bring a change of clothes, don’t forget socks; and most importantly, do not forget this, bring a change of clothes for yourself. It doesn’t happen often, but when your child has such a huge mess that it gets on top of you, do you want to spend the rest of your day running around with poop embellishments on your shirt? Uh-huh. Pack one of these and you will thank yourself. Alright, next you want to kill those germs, there’s so many germs, and your hand sanitizers will get rid of those. I have two I like to use, this one here is from The Honest Company, and this one right here is from Babyganics. The main difference is that this one here has alcohol on it so I’ll use it a lot, and this one is non-alcoholic so it’s safe for your children.

You’re also going to want to bring some snacks, you never want a hunger meltdown; so I like to bring pouches along, we use the Happy Baby Organics and also the Plum Organics, they’re just very tasty, my kids love them, they have veggies hidden inside, so pack lots of these. Alright, so when you’re in restaurants, I love this one, it’s a disposable placemat, they’re by Neat Solutions and one of the really nice things about these is that they have adhesive on the back so they will just stick to any surface and your baby can just be eating out their little Cheerios or goldfish crackers or anything else. The perfect way to keep away the germs.

And I also like to bring along burp cloths; now, my kids don’t spit up anymore but boy they can toss over a cup of milk like you wouldn’t believe. Huge messes and these are very absorbent. These ones are really cute too, these ones are by Carters. Okay so, I’ve saved my best little secret for last, this is awesome. This is a little bag that will help keep everything together, it’s by Skiphop, again, I really love Skiphop, they have great products; and what I love so much about this is that you can put your diapers and your wipes and then a change of clothes inside this area which is waterproof, so when you have dirty clothes you can pop them in here and clean that out really easily.

And the best thing about it is just that you got everything in one place, you can grab it out of your diaper bag if you want to run to the restroom. I actually have two of these because I have two kids so I have one for each one. Since my older child doesn’t wear diapers, I’ll put in toys in here, definitely his change of clothes because every now and then he does have an accident, so these are just perfect for keeping everything organized and easy to grab. So, that’s it. All that stuff fits into this little bag, and I am off to my mommy yogalates, a.k.a.Target. See you later.


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