Hey y’all. I’ve been asked here today to chat with you about the difference of raising boys versus girls. First, my name is Amanda. A little bit of my family, we have 3 little ones, a boy who is 4, his name is Trib, Virginia who is 3, and Vivian who is 1, who is just started walking/running. So, as you can see or hear our household is a little hectic, but a good hectic as we are in that fun toddler stage of learning, exploring, just growing; and so, how we raise them has been interesting for my husband and I.

Now, I read a ton of blogs, I read a ton of articles, that’s just part of what I do, I Instagram search, all that fun stuff to figure out of course how to be the best parent, because we all want to be the best parent, right? And so the question that was asked to me is, is there a difference? The short answer is yes, some of that is unintentional. So, when we started with our oldest we had everything gender neutral and then slowly blue started creeping in, right?

And then the same thing with our daughter who was born 14 months later, everything pink started showing up in our house, even though I wanted her to have the option of picking whatever color she wanted. And then the third, bless her heart, is around my boys’ toys and girls’ toys and she just plays with whatever she wants because she’s the baby and she can do no wrong; but how we address them, we have found that we tried to be sensitive to both, we try to treat them the same, and I’m speaking mainly of the 4 and 3 year old, because they’re in that let’s taste the boundary kind of stage in life, we also have definitely emphasized in our family the power of being the example, and that is due to the 1 year old who is into whatever big brother and big sister are in.

So, as a parent you try to make sure that you are living the example, and then it’s trickling down, right? Some days are great, some days are not, and you just kind of have to keep at it. How we discipline as we now with our son and our daughter, there’s certain things that my son adores right now, it is trucks, right? And so—and sports. And so, things that we may have to change in how we discuss like alright, timeout or we’re going to take the truck away, versus my daughter who loves, loves, loves to color and loves to do books and all that.

Her timeout is a little different if she has to go to timeout. We find in the house that our son, like I said, is a sport enthusiast and so we—there’s not a day that we don’t have a basketball game or a football game or a baseball game or whatever sport he does or game being played, and so he’s loud and vivacious and full of life, and our daughter who is also very full of life tends to be more quiet, this is the 3 year old; and then the 1 year old is like a ninja, and so she’s also very quiet, very introverted but she gets into more things than any—Both of them combined.

So, I do think a little bit of parenting is environmental. Your children are going to follow the example which you set, some of that is good, some of that not so much, those are the things that we always say when we want to work on ourselves, right? But the other part of parenting is just knowing that your children, regardless of how type A you are, are going to rock your world. They’re just going to rock your world. And their schedules are not honestly going to be your schedules, their needs may not make sense to you but makes sense to them; and so, we try to make sure that we are as equal whether it is a boy asking for something versus a girl, we try to empower our daughters and treat them just like we would our son; and then on the same, we also try to empathize with our son like we would with our daughters, so we don’t always kind of have that hard edge with Trib just because he’s a boy, and I think that’s kind of why he’s a little softy so, hopefully that’ll transition to being a very good husband one day.

So like I said, they rock your world, they’re awesome, you live off of very few hours of sleep, thank goodness for college teaching you how to do that and thank goodness for coffee; but you know, and we’re learning day by day. So, thanks for let me chat with you, I appreciate it and hope to chat with you soon. Thanks so much.


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