About Our Founders

Our Aim:

We wanted a common place where fathers from all different backgrounds could get solid products at great prices. Founded in early 2018, Daddy Supplies aims to provide superior service and products that support and help our customers find daily products they can use for their loved ones.

Our aim is to build a platform where dads can not only find great products, but also communicate and learn through a collaborative online community. Through continued posts and a collaborative effort, Daddy Supplies will be the main source for all things parent related.

Tom W.


Tom is a proud dad of two. Tom lives in Illinois with his family and has worked in the digital marketing industry for over 8 years. Tom came up with the idea for Daddy Supplies after washing countless bottles and powering through hundreds of nights of being woken up for 3am night feedings. Tom is happy that you are here on the site and gaining value from Daddy Supplies. Tom’s goal for the site is to encourage dads and give them the supplies they need to be even greater dads.

Being a father of 3, Sean wanted more in life and decided to pursue a career in marketing and advertising after serving in the U.S. Military.  Chasing after the exciting and ever-evolving world of business, he co-founded Daddy Supplies with Tom to provide great products for parents and families. 

A graduate of Grand Canyon University, Sean established a successful early career in marketing strategy and development, working at the cutting edge of digital and delivering the newest technologies and advertising advancements to clients along the way. Throughout this time he also developed his appetite for business, fueled by a passion for the exciting opportunities digital provides to disrupt traditional business models and carve out completely new ones.

Sean M.


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